We know good taste – and how flavor modulators can get you there

The name Apura Ingredients™ has been synonymous with sweetness for the past five years. But in that time, we’ve heard our customers and the market loud and clear: sugar alternatives are critical, but to negate the taste sacrifices made for healthier foods, there’s more that needs to be done.

That’s why we’ve expanded our portfolio to include flavor modulators.

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Flavor modulators might be the opportunity to take your product to the next level – let’s talk!

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We’ve partnered with one of the global leaders in flavor modulation, EPC Natural Products Company, to connect you with new solutions for mouthfeel improvement, sweetness modification, taste masking, flavor enhancement, and more.

Apura is now proud to be the only North American source of the proprietary flavor modulator technologies Savarin™, Proust™, TasteAroma™, Zestaroma™, and ThauMagic™. We’re confident that adding these new technologies to your product development toolbox along with sweeteners is the key to evolving your formulation processes and final product to align with the sweetness, labeling, and health demands of today’s consumer.

Beverage Scientist Eliminating Sugar From Drinks with Safe Sweeteners

Formulation Support

When it comes to sweetness and flavor, there is no one-size-fits all approach to success. For that reason, you can trust Apura to collaborate and empower you to fully realize all of the opportunities that flavor modulation facilitates for your product formulation. Through these new proprietary technologies, you can overcome the flavor and taste hurdles that impede your products’ success.

Our flavor modulators

Flavor Enhancement

Flavor. It’s a way to differentiate your product on shelf. It’s a way to extend your product line. It’s a way to make consumers fall in love with your product.…

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Taste Masking

When we think of taste, we like to think of the positives: the sweet, vibrant flavors of fruit, the rich, caramelly tones of a latte, the brisk bite of a…

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Sweetness Modification

Apura’s heritage is in all things sweet, but even we know that too much of a good thing can be not-so-sweet. When striving for a reduced-sugar and sugar-free label, sweeteners…

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Mouthfeel Improvement

When it comes to the sensorial experience that your product imbues, we most immediately think of the taste. But, so often, there’s that equally distinguishing quality that’s a bit more…

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